Thursday, June 5, 2014

School In A Pickle Jar

We've learned a lot of wonderful things over the last year that I'd like to review over the summer. 
 I don't want to go overboard making charts, lists, and schedules for school this summer so that my kids and I don't get to enjoy time outdoors and relish a slow-paced season.
However, I also don't want to forget to do some review of their schoolwork.
Hence, the lovely pickle jar. 
I wrote down some ideas off the top of my head and stuck them in this jar.  Every day they will choose 1 item from the school review jar and we will do what it says, along with their summer schoolwork, which consists of:
Memorizing some Bible verses together at breakfast
2 pages of Explode the Code
1 page of Prescripts handwriting
2 pages of math work and some math flashcards review
My oldest, Alathia, will be entering Essentials in the Fall, so she will also be reviewing English grammar from all of the cycles as preparation for Essentials.
In addition to the things above we will read books together as often as we can and the older 2 will read during rest time or before bedtime each day.  If they are motivated, they will spend an hour or less on their schoolwork each day, and will still have plenty of time to swim, bike, and play!

After each card is drawn, I will put it in a drawer in the dining room and save it. 
When the jar is empty, we will fill it with the cards again and start over. 
We should be able to get through the cards 3 times each this summer!


  1. I've recently happened upon this little gem of a blog. Is there a way to subscribe and get an email when you have a new blog post?

  2. I will try to make that happen Mrs. Gabers! I would like to have that option on my blog and hadn't realized it wasn't up yet! Thank you!

  3. I added the link Mrs. Gabers! =)

    1. Thank you! Happy to get your posts in my email and share them with others.

  4. This is such a great idea! It doesn't seem so overwhelming to review 24 weeks of memory work (plus previous cycles) when you just grab one slip/day. I believe we may borrow this idea. =)

  5. Glad you can use this tip @Suzi Hansborough. It has made our summer review much less intimidating!