Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I sat down today to write a post on flexibility.
I am quite inclined toward being a "Freak-Out-Homeschool Mom" and need to continually remind myself that flexibility, or willingness to change things up when needed, in homeschooling is vital to maintaining my sanity.
However, as I tried to write, I got interrupted, and interrupted, and interrupted....
"Mommy, please come wipe me!"
"Mom, do you think this is a good sentence for the opening of my speech?"
"Mom, he's touching my legos!"
"Mom, can you help me finish my Boston Massacre report?"
Feeling exasperated at the landslide of demands coming my way when I sat down to steal a few moments to think and write here during a time when the kids should have been working or playing independently, I found myself feeling like I was going to snap. Suddenly, I realized that I was getting a "life lesson" on flexibility in the middle of writing about flexibility.  Oh, the irony!  My branch was being bowed by the weight of my children's requests; and I could choose to either bend or break!
I took some time to meet my children's needs, and I'm sitting down again, my third fourth attempt, to finish my thoughts here.
Sometimes we need a break.  Sometimes the book, curriculum, or method we are using with our children isn't working.  It's okay to modify things in response to our circumstances or conditions.
 Flexibility is the ability to bend without breaking.  Homeschooling will break us if we don't have the ability to yield to what glorifies God most, moment by moment, even if it goes against our agenda for the day.
Homeschooling is challenging.  Our kids' sinful natures clash with our selfishness, and regardless of your organization level, fancy curriculum, support system, or number of children, you are going to have rough days where it feels like you are going to break.  Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up, try something new. 
Take a break from that book your child doesn't like.
Go on a nature walk.
Get out the paints or the playdough, play some classical music, and put aside the usual lessons.
Bake something special together with your kids.
Forget about that craft project that's stressing you out.
Take a deep breath and tell God that you just can't do it without Him....
....because you can't.

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