Monday, June 30, 2014

A Simple Gift

Sometimes I think we forget how much our words can mean to another.  I love serving on the Prayer/Card Ministry team at our church where we send notes of encouragement to those in our congregation going through hard times.  Often, when I go to Prayer/Card Ministry on Monday mornings, my 5 year-old son misbehaves or causes an uncomfortable scene at church during the half hour that I leave my kids playing on the playground or in the nursery while I meet with the ladies.  On one such day, I drove home nearly in tears because of yet another difficult morning with Justus.  I had spent an hour praying for people going through a hard time and filling out notes of encouragement for them with a few other ladies but I felt desperately in need of some parenting encouragement myself as Justus had been naughty yet again.  There are many days when dealing with my endlessly energetic and super-strong-willed child that I am at my wit's end and fall to my knees begging God for help.
When I arrived home, a note was tucked into the front door.  My parents had randomly left a card there for me, having been encouraged at their church to fill out one of the cards in their bulletin and encourage someone that week.  It may seem like just a little thing and maybe you hear inspiring words daily from your parents, but for me, it was something special and it gave me the boost I needed  right then to "keep on keeping on" that day.  This note now hangs on my fridge, a tangible reminder to me that words of encouragement are so important and that I shouldn't give up going to Prayer/Card Ministry even if it means I will need to bring Justus with me and that he may require lots of supervision.  The cards we send out are truly helping people!
The other day someone asked me what we could do to bless our director since she is so good to us. 
I told her, "Send her notes of encouragement throughout the year!  I doubt very many parents take the time to thank her for her time and her efforts with CC.  Though I've never been a director, I'm pretty sure it comes with having to make tough decisions and to be unpopular or firm with people at times and people are often quick to voice their displeasure, but can be slower to be thankful. 
 So, mail her some cards this year!"
During the summer months, when the school load is lighter, consider taking some time to stamp and address a few cards that you can send to encourage some folks in your CC group this year.  Of course you don't know what circumstances may come about in the coming school year, but having a few cards ready to go will make it easier to send a note of encouragement to your director, your child's tutor, or the personnel at your CC group's facility.  I bought some darling cards at the Idaho Falls Practicum bookstore that feature little cartoons of Leigh Bortins with witty sayings/jokes on them.  They will be perfect for my fellow CC moms in our community when an illness, birthday, or need arises!


  1. I had a whole big comment written out but then lost it, so here I go again.

    You have been on my mind a lot lately. Yesterday I felt the need to pray for you throughout the day, so that's what I did. I have missed reading your posts, and I had noticed an absence on your blog for awhile. I decided I was going to send you an e-mail today to make sure everything was okay or if you just decided to take a break from blogging. Right before I started to compose an e-mail, I checked your Heartening blog and saw you had updated.

    You have always been such a huge encouragement to me throughout the years. It's always been nice knowing there is someone else out there that is going through much of the same things I am, and I've always appreciated your honesty and encouragement that shine through in your posts. I understand, though, if you do decide to give up blogging. I have considered doing that as well, many times. For now, I plan to blog when I feel I can, which honestly, isn't nearly as often as before. I have decided this summer that I really want to be present in my children's lives - to make an effort to really play with them, read to them, and to actually take LESS pictures. I want to be in the moment with them instead of hiding behind a camera all the time. It hasn't been easy to do that, but so far, this summer has been amazing.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thank you. As long as you decide to keep writing and blogging, know that you will always have at least one reader out there. :-)

  2. Wow, thank you so much Kristin! What a sweet comment. I totally understand what you mean about getting away from the camera. I've been doing a lot more of that lately too, especially since the older kids get, the less they like pictures taken! I've always thought you were an incredibly talented writer and a great wife and mom so I enjoy seeing what you guys are up to on your blog as well!