Friday, June 27, 2014

Say No, Say Yes

Abigail and Katrielle, both 3, enjoyed helping my friend Amanda, Abigail's mom, make lemonade when she came over for a pool party one afternoon.
This week I didn't say no when I should have.  I received lots of unexpected phone calls during the 9-11am time slot nearly every day and instead of ignoring them and using the best hours of my day to get a lot of things accomplished, I answered them and ended up regretting it as it sucked up lots of time that I should have spent elsewhere.   I wish I had said "No!" to the phone so we could start our mornings more peacefully and so I could have helped my kids more with their schoolwork.  Realizing my mistakes this week, next week I hope to do better!
This week I did say NO to:
Staying up late and having some time all by myself
So I could say YES to:
Encouraging my husband to get more rest by going to bed earlier so he will go to bed earlier

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