Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back From Practicum

Late Friday night, we got back from a CC Practicum in Idaho Falls.  I attended with my director and a fellow tutor and her daughter and my daughter Ali.  We had an amazing time!  I completely understand why CC requires that you receive yearly training in order to tutor.  I always learn soooooo much, receive encouragement, and come away refreshed.  It is super hard to get everything lined up to leave for a few days, but once you go, you are so glad you did.  I am bursting to share about the things I learned at the Practicum, but will try to break it down into simple, manageable posts so as not to overwhelm you!

The main thing I'm struck by after the training is how simple CC is.  Again and again, they emphasize simplicity, and the "stick and sand" approach over and above the flashy, the new, the techno, and the excess.  I think the reason that thousands of families love this program is because it is crystal-clear in its focus and they equip you and train you on reaching the goal.  Every year I become less and less of a freak-out homeschool mom as I chat with older, wiser moms who have come to know from experience how beautifully the classical method works.

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