Monday, June 2, 2014

Say No, Say Yes

I love this picture because it looks like our bunny, Magellan, is praying!
In order to choose the best over the good,
This last week I said NO to:
Buying everything in sight at the CC Bookstore at Practicum
(believe me, it was tempting!)
So I could say YES to:
Less clutter
Less guilt (if I paid for the workbook then I have to do it, right?)
Less financial worry/friction between my husband and I
Sharing with friends in my CC community who have different resources and books than I have
I also said NO to:
Starting up a little summer-schooling with my kids today as I had hoped
So I could say YES to:
Having them plant a little garden with my mom (science lesson!)
Going to the weekly Prayer/Card Ministry at our church, which I love being a part of and encourages those going through hard times

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