Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Learning by Living--Take Notice

I had to run an errand that took me to the outskirts of town today.  We were having an easy-going morning, getting chores and summer schoolwork done, but not needing to hurry or be chained to a schedule.  We loaded into the truck and enjoyed the beautiful view of the nearby mountain range and the green valley as we drove. 
The kids and I noticed that the place next to where our stop was had a field with some animals in it.  I pulled the truck off the road and we giggled over a big, spotted pig who was oinking fiercely.  We watched 2 peacocks strutting their stuff and saw a gaggle of geese marching around the pasture in a line.  A curious llama poked his head out from behind a fence and Katri learned the name of a new animal. 
After watching this eclectic brood for a while, we continued on and they decided to see how many different creatures they could spot on the drive home.  We saw several horses and lots of cows, a red-winged blackbird, a robin, a dragonfly, some Golden Retrievers in the back of another vehicle, and Jer even saw a muskrat in a pond we passed. 
Because we had the time to slow down and enjoy the journey, we had a veritable zoo experience in our "backyard."  This summer, I would invite you to clear your schedule, take things slow, and relish the learning that happens simply by living.

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